High quality virtual 360 tours.


Multiforms of virtual tours – this form of virtual presentation is good and innovative and can be effectively used on any website.


Highest quality equipment has been used to take all the photographs presented in our panoramas. This equipment uses the newest HDR technology. The composition consists of separate photographs with different exposure times, that result a special effect of showing very dark an very bright details at the same time.


The offer consists of:

  • a lifetime hosting of the virtual tour on the www.panoramea.co.uk server;
  • individual graphic interfaces – menus, lists of panoramas, etc.;
  • additional navigation arrows;
  • panoramic photographs that can be successfully used in multi-format printing like leaflets, posters etc.;
  • complete virtual tour on CD that can be launched without Internet access;


Additional costs may include:

  • a narrator’s speach and the costs of the translations;
  • a short video of the virtual tour;
  • virtual rendering of any site location maps provided by the client;


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