1. Each organization can use only one code for a free panorama made in its location. Each next panorama is to be charged as determined. Detailed information in regards to what a panorama is you can find in FAQ section.
  2. A free panorama can serve as a small virtual tour consisting of only one panorama or as a part of a bigger virtual tour consisting of several, a dozen or even a few dozen of panoramas connected by arrows etc.
  3. You can obtain the right of receiving a free panorama by sending an email to specifying your address and the telephone number of the person responsible for setting up an appointment with the photographer. Due to our privacy policy the above mentioned data will not be used in any other purpose.
  4. We allow to use a free panorama for any purpose of promotion of your organization without limitation
    – putting it on your website, using panoramic photos, etc.
  5. The the photos will be taken at the earliest opportunity – when a photo session is held in your neighborhood or a photographer is passing through your location. Our photograph will contact you at least a few days before the photo session. We try to accomplish all our wins, but in some cases we ask you to be patient.